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Encounters with big data: An introduction to using big data in the social sciences, University of Essex, 31/07/2017

This 5-day course run by the UK Data Service will introduce key concepts and discussions around using big data in the social sciences, and introduce attendees to Apache Hadoop, an open source framework for analysing big data. This course will focus on quantitative data and will not cover in any detail text, social media, audio or other forms of non-numeric data. This course […]

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International Data Week: Readings and Details

Next week will see data scientists from private industry, government and academe gather in Colorado to jointly discuss the ‘data revolution’ for an event known as International Data Week. Themed  “From Big Data to Open Data: Mobilizing the Data Revolution,” the event brings together three data-centered umbrella organizations as hosts working across three key annual […]

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Methods in Action: Using Big Data to Help Redress the Flint Water Crisis

By Jacob Abernethy and Eric Schwartz The water crisis in Flint, Michigan highlights a number of serious problems: a public health outbreak, inadequate urban infrastructure, environmental injustice and political failures. But when it comes to recovery, the central challenge, and one that has received relatively little attention, is our lack of useful information and understanding. […]

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Big Data and Social Research Roundup No. 1

This is the first installment of a new regular newsletter SAGE Publishing is sending out to highlight some of its activities in the area of Big Data and social research. The newsletter is viewable and scollable below; if you’d like to receive the newsletter in your inbox every month, click HERE.

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Using Big Data to Solve Social Science Problems

This post by Curtis Jessop, a senior researcher at NatCen Social Research, originally appeared on the NSMNSS blog. *** On Wednesday 29th June I attended a roundtable hosted by our network partners SAGE on using big data to solve social science problems. It was a great day, with contributions from leading researchers and lots of discussion of […]

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