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A Cure for Cancer, More Likely with Data Sharing

When former President Barack Obama announced the launch of the Cancer Moonshot Initiative in January 2016, it set into motion a pretty lofty goal: to accomplish 10 years of cancer research in only five years while attempting to bring about the end of cancer as we know it. This is an incredible undertaking and one […]

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Encouraging Authors to Share Their Data with Reviewers for ‘Psychological Science’

The journal Psychological Science is taking steps to encourage would-be authors to give reviewers easy access to the data underlying the analyses reported in their manuscripts. This is part of a wider effort to promote transparency and replicability in works published in the journal. I discussed the rationale for encouraging authors to share data and […]

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Conference: The Gold Standard of Reproducible Research: How to make it work in qualitative and quantitative research, University of Nottingham, 9 March 2017

Louise Corti of the UK Data Service is running a workshop on Qualitative Data: Data sharing and storage at the NICEP Conference: The Gold Standard of Reproducible Research.Reproducibility is held as the gold standard for scientific research. The legitimacy of any published work depends on the question: can we access the data, replicate the analysis […]

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Workshop: Preparing qualitative data for sharing and reuse Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre, India 6 March 2017

Louise Corti of the UK Data Service is running a workshop on Preparing qualitative data for sharing and reuse at the Information and Library Network (INFLIBNET) Centre. The workshop is aimed at researchers interested or actively engaged in the creation and management of qualitative research data, and will look at the steps required to prepare data for sharing and reuse. The announcement of […]

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