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Drawing on Data Viz to Improve Call Centers

Have you ever found yourself locked in a circular conversation about a missing bolt for your barbecue? Have you ever listened to classical hits for 10 minutes while you wait to argue about a discrepancy on your bank statement? If so, then you will understand the pain of the call center. The good news is […]

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Archived Webinar: Presenting Data Effectively

Crystal clear graphs, slides, and reports are valuable – they save an audience’s mental energies, keep a reader engaged, and make you look smart. This webinar held on June 6, 2017, covers the science behind presenting data effectively and will leave viewers with direct, pointed changes that can be immediately administered to significantly increase impact. […]

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Coping with Data Visualization’s Many Options

The late data visionary Hans Rosling mesmerized the world with his work, contributing to a more informed society. Rosling used global health data to paint a stunning picture of how our world is a better place now than it was in the past, bringing hope through data. Now more than ever, data are collected from […]

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Andy Kirk’s View from the Summit of Data Visualization

These are heady times for data visualization, says Andy Kirk, one of the apostles of the movement. There was a burst of growth last year, a move to focus more on message than ornamentation, and appeals to do battle with the forces of ‘post-truth.’ In this interview, Kirk addresses these issues and more in an era […]

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Five Important Lessons We Can Learn from Hans Rosling

I first came across Hans Rosling’s work while I was trying to make mathematics students fall in love with statistics. His TED talks are inspirational since they present data in new and dynamic ways, but not just that, they’re also educational and eye-opening. Rosling decided early on that a better way to change the world, […]

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The ‘Edutainer’ of Data: Hans Rosling, 1948-2017

Although he had an important career as a research epidemiologist and an academic, Hans Rosling’s global fame rested on two pillars: stats and hope.  Starting with a TED talk a little over a decade ago, Rosling used his insight, command of statistics, wit and a few props like bayonets and toilet tissue tubes, to explain […]

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Methods in Action: Visualizing Social Media Analysis

There’s a lot of hope attached to idea that the use of big data-drivers like social media can create important social science. In a small scale test of that big idea, software developers, requirements engineers and social scientists collaborated to see if they could make practical use of Twitter to learn about patient experiences of […]

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Archived Webinar: Learn the Essentials of Data Visualization

Earlier this month, we held the webinar, Learn the essentials of data visualization, with Stephanie Evergreen, a US-based expert on using research to present data effectively, and Andy Kirk, a UK-based apostle for better designed data visualization. In this one-hour webinar, Evergreen and Kirk addressed the basics of data design and demonstrated various ways for showing different […]

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